AF officials automate active-duty assignment notifications

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The Air Force is consolidating and modernizing many of its business processes, and transforming online personnel services was one initiative to help the service accomplish its goals.

Maj. Gen. A.J. Stewart, Air Force Personnel Center commander, said the center continues to research and develop new online solutions to reduce the amount of time Airmen spend on individual personnel actions.

"AFPC is here to take care of the needs of all Airmen by making the personnel process easier for them so they can focus on the mission," General Stewart said. "The new assignment notification process will automate how Airmen receive new assignments and make it easier for local military personnel sections to manage this program."

Master Sgt. Kathi Glascock, AFPC's relocation operations manager, said the new notification process not only gives time back to active-duty Airmen, but also streamlines the amount of personnel actions associated with managing the assignment notification program.

"AFPC processes about 153,000 assignment actions ever year," Sergeant Glascock said. "The new notification system will save Airmen time as well as base personnelists who manage assignments and relocations programs for their installations. It also condensed the new assignment RIP (Report on Individual Personnel) from six to two pages."

AFPC developed and tested the automated capability for almost two years and sought feedback from personnelists at Lackland and Randolph Air Force bases.

Master Sgt. Charyl Samson, the 802nd Force Support Squadron relocations superintendent at Lackland AFB, said her office will be able to eliminate several manual processes that will allow them to accomplish their mission more efficiently.

"From a personnel standpoint, we will save a tremendous amount of time from processing new assignment notifications and suspensing members," Sergeant Samson said. "I'm looking forward to seeing it in action in the field."

For more information about the automated assignment notification process, visit the Air Force personnel services website or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.