Northcom Operation Helps Families Relocating From Japan

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U.S. Army North defense coordinating elements led by a defense coordinating officer in Federal Emergency Management Agency Regions 9 and 10 have established joint reception coordination centers, work closely with federal, state, tribal and local officials to determine unique Defense Department capabilities that may be needed to assist civil authorities.

Arrival locations have been established at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington state and at Travis Air Force Base, Calif. The arriving families, including their pets, are being met by military representatives from U.S. Army North, who help them with follow-on arrangements such as temporary lodging, food and other support requirements.

Air Forces Northern's national security emergency preparedness directorate has deployed two emergency preparedness liaison officers to the Seattle-Tacoma airport and is ready to support with others if needed, officials said. Joint reception coordination centers have been set up at both locations.

Northcom's Standing Joint Force Headquarters is on standby to establish an additional arrival location, as necessary, officials said.

More information on Pacific Passage and useful information for returning family members is available at

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