Limited Public Access to Pentagon Memorial

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As previously announced, Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta will host a remembrance ceremony the morning of Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011, at the Pentagon Memorial, to honor the memory of those killed here in the 2001 terrorist attack.  This is a private remembrance for the family members of those lost in the terrorist attack and is not open to the general public.  Panetta and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen are scheduled to make remarks.

Opened on Sept. 11, 2008, the Pentagon Memorial is the first dedicated national commemorative to honor those killed during the 2001 terrorist attacks.  The Pentagon Memorial consists of 184 individual memorial units honoring the 59 passengers and crewmembers aboard American Airlines Flight 77 and the 125 men and women in the Pentagon, all of whom gave their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.  For more information on the Pentagon Memorial, please visit .

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