AF lodging reservations go online

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"DLS allows customers to make duty and space available online lodging reservations and provide us direct feedback with our online comment card system," said Jeff Richard, the Air Force Lodging technology branch chief at the Air Force Services Agency here.

While the system provides customers with a convenient option for reservations, the system also provides an added benefit to the lodging staff, Richard said.

"DLS provides us an additional channel to enhance customer service and increase room occupancy with online reservations," he said. "We can immediately capture and track customer feedback to improve on any weak areas."

The consolidation of the software and data centers DoD-wide also removes system redundancies.

"DLS centralization allows us to eliminate server and software upgrades performed at installation level," added Maj. Bruce Staufer, AFSVA lodging division chief. "It also has a direct interface with our centralized nonappropriated fund accounting system to electronically transfer financial data versus manual input."

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