From Dark To Light

From Dark To Light
  Sitting Lonely in the darkness like there's chains around my wrist, Thinking only of you leaving as my eyes begin to mist.                                                            
  Every day is like a challenge and I'm fighting to get by, I've lost my motivation and my will to even try.                                                                        
  Suddenly I'm winded and the world begins to spin. My heart is bleeding for you now, I'm wishing this would end.                                                               
     I'm trying desperately to touch the ground so I can stand, But breathings getting harder there's no place for me to land.                                                        
   But just when I think that maybe there's no light to end this dark, I'm feeling something pull me up and pierce me thru the heart.                                            
  I close my eyes and there you are green eyes as bright as day, I'm feeling guilty for believing you had truly gone away.                                                              
  I feel your touch so clearly like a breeze across my face, And before I know what's happening I'm traveling thru time and space.                                       
  I'm lying in your arms as you whisper in my ear, Saying that you love me as you wash away the fear.                                                                         
   Remembering your promise that you'll never leave my side, I take a deep breath in and I watch our worlds collide.                                                 
      Knowing that you need me and your wife I'll always be, You make the whole world brighter so that I can finally see.                                                        
   The emptiness is gone now, my hands no longer shake, You build my inspiration with the steps you help me take.                                        
   Christopher I love you and I'll scream it to the moon, I hope that you can hear it baby, come home to me soon.
  By: Samantha M Lauer, UCMC Wife
  For: Cpl. Lauer C.J. II
  My husband is a Marine and is currently on a deployment to Iraq i wrote this for him and I'd like to summit it to your website, if this is possible I'd really appreciate it. Thank You so much For your time.