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Finding Flights

Finding Flights

Military Space A Travel FAQ
3. Finding Flights
3.1) Can I fly Space A on flights from other services?
Yes. Most people think of the Air Force, and in particular the Air Mobility Command (AMC) when they think of Space A. Actually, Space A passengers are eligible to travel on any suitable DoD-owned or controlled aircraft and on Coast Guard aircraft as well. Because passenger movement is part of their mission, the Air Force has by far the best system of passenger terminals which provide flight information and process passengers. But even at bases with Air Force passenger terminals, those terminals may not always know about or handle other services' flights. The smart Space A traveler will seek out information about every activity that provides flight information and processes passengers at every base near their origin and destination and then call them directly in order to get the best possible picture of what is available.

3.2) When should I call for flight information?
If you've never traveled on a particular route before, you might want to call the passenger terminal you plan on traveling through a month or so before you plan to travel. At that point they will be able to discuss their typical flight schedules, Space A backlog, any movement forecast they know of for your desired travel period, and how far in advance they will know their schedule. This is also a good time to sign up for a flight, which you can often do by fax. Then call again a day or two before you are ready to travel to see how the schedule is shaping up. Most passenger terminals will have a schedule for the next day's flights, and some will know further in advance. But these schedules are subject to change, and often they change a lot. So once you're ready to travel, you should stay in close touch with the terminal in case something comes up on short notice.

3.3) Where do I get the phone numbers?
The phone numbers can be found in guidebooks, on information sheets provided by the passenger terminals, and through the Space A World Wide Web home page on the Internet (see question 6.3 for the address). Several passenger terminals now have their own World Wide Web pages, and many of them also list phone numbers.
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